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updated on October 2014

Previous Positions:

Chairman, Department of Economics, Cornell University, (1978-1983)
Assistant Professor of Economics, Stanford University, (1969-1973)
Visiting Research Fellow, The University of California, Berkeley, (June-August, 1971)
Visiting Lecturer, The London School of Economics (1972-1973)
Visiting Research Professor, Department of Economics G &WII, University of Bonn, (January-August, 1976)
Associate Professor of Economics, Cornell University, (1973-1976)
Coordinating Foreign Editor, The Review of Economic Studies, (1973-1976)
Visiting Associate Professor and Ford Rotating Research Professor, Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, (1976-1977)
Visiting Professor (Honorary), Presidency College, Calcutta, (December, 1977-January, 1978)
Consultant, Bell Laboratories (Economics Research Unit), October -December 1981
Academic Visitor, The London School of Economics, (January-June, 1982)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Canterbury, (April, 1982)
Program Chairman, North American Econometric Society Summer Meetings, (June 1982)
Visiting Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison (January 1984-January 1985)
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Mathematical Economics (1974-1985)
Visiting O.Morgernstern, Professor, New York University (Spring 89)
Visiting Professor, University of Paris I, (November 1989)
Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Theory (1977-1990)
Visiting, Professor, Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education, Charles University, Prague (with the CERGE -University of Pittsburgh program)(January -May 1992)
Visiting Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University (May-August 1994)
Associate Editor, Nonlinear World, (1993-1996)
Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization (1993-2001)
Overseas Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, England (2003)
Co-Editor, Economic Theory, (1991-2004)
Member, Advising Board, Economic Theory (2004 - )

Academic Qualifications:

B.A.Economics :(first in first class honours): Calcutta University, 1964
M.A.Economics: The University of California, Berkeley, 1967
Ph.D.Economics: The University of California, Berkeley, 1970

Academic Awards ,Honors, Etc :

The President of India Gold Medal for being the outstanding Undergraduate in 1964 and government scholarship (1960-1964)
The Jubilee Fellowship of the University of Calcutta (1964-1965)
The University of California Fellowship (1965-1968)
John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship (1976-1977)
H.T. Warshow and Robert Irving Warshow Professor of Economics, Cornell University (1982)
Erskine Fellow (1986), University of Canterbury
College de France Medal, (October 1989)
S.N. Sen Memorial Medal from the Asiatic Society (August 1996) Economic Theory Fellow (2011)

Thesis Supervision:

B.Easton at Stanford University (1972) Ph.D. thesis on "Functional Forms in Economic Theory".
D.Christiansen at Stanford University (1974) Ph.D thesis on "Essays on Temporary Equilibrium Theory".
J.Foster at Cornell University (1982) Ph.D. thesis on "Essays on Inequality and Equilibrium".
D.Ray at Cornell University (1983) Ph.D. thesis on "Essays on Intertemporal Economics".
Y.Nyarko at Cornell University (1986) Ph.D. thesis on "Essays on Intertemporal Allocation under Uncertainty".
R.Sundaram at Cornell University (1988) Ph.D. thesis on "Essays on Dynamic Games".
V.Bala at Cornell University (1990) Ph.D. thesis on "Essays on Decentralized Dynamic Models: Theory and Simulation".
P.Dutta at Cornell University (1986) Ph.D. thesis on "Essays in Intertemporal Allocation Theory", (second member: chapter supervised appeared in J.Econ. Dynamic and Control).
M.Datta at Cornell University (1992) Ph.D. thesis on "Essays on Intertemporal Allocations in Open Economies".
I.Ossella at Cornell University (1999) Ph.D. thesis on "The Long - run Optimal Growth of an Economy: Productivity Improvement and Globalization".
N. Hashimzade at Cornell University (2003) Ph.D thesis on "Three Essays on Dynamic Economics".
S.H. Yoo at Cornell University (2008) Ph.D thesis on "Governance and Coordination: Game Theoretic Approach"

    Teaching Experience:

  • Economics:
    • Undergraduate: Intermediate Microeconomics, Capital Theory, Development Economics, Sustainable Development.
    • Graduate: Microeconomics, General Equilibrium Theory.
  • South Asia Program/Economics: The Economy of India
  • Applied Mathematics/Economics:
    • Intertemporal Allocation Theory
    • Stochastic Economics
    • Dynamical Systems and Chaos
    • (PhD students in Applied Mathematics are given credit for satisfactory completion of my advanced graduate courses).

Contact Information

Mukul Majumdar
460 Uris Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Phone: (607) 255-3540
Fax: (607) 255-2818